Wednesday, February 14, 2018

RG, RD, RGV and YZR500 specials

One of the best places to find pics and get inspiration on two stroke 500 specials and 500 GP replica's is this topic on the Daidegas forum.
Le 500 2T speciale e replica

Thursday, February 8, 2018

RG500 and RG400 production numbers

Model Location Qty Yr MFG Dates
RG500G exported 7340 86 4/85 - 3/86
RG500G exported 606 87 4/86 - 3/87
RG500CH exported 806 87 4/86 - 3/87
RG500G Japan 22 88 4/87 - 3/88
RG500CH exported 510 88 4/87 - 3/88
Total 9284

RG400 Japan 5002 86 4/85 - 3/86
RG400 Japan 2-UK 863 87 4/86 - 3/87
RG400H Japan 348 88 4/87 - 3/88
Total 6213

RG500G UK 902
RG500CH UK 240
RG400 UK 2
Total 1144

RG500G Frame numbers HM31A-100001 -->
RG500CH Frame numbers HM31A-105405 -->
RG500G (E34) Frame numbers HM31B-100001 -->
RG500CH (E34) Frame numbers HM31B-101646 -->
RG400 Frame numbers start with HK

Here is the information on RG500's sold in Canada:
870 RG500G's were sold by Suzuki Canada
The first VIN was 0G2100012, the last was 9G2100882
There were 99 Walter Wolf models imported and sold
The first VIN was 0G2100883 and the last one was 2G2100982

Here are the country/model codes:
00 Japan ("Home" or "domestic" market)
02 United Kingdom
03 United States
04 France
17 Zweden
18 Switzerland
21 Belgium
22 Germany
24 Australia and New Zealand
25 The Netherlands
28 Canada
33 California
34 Italy
37 Brazil
39 Austria
53 Spain

For a complete list of Suzuki country codes see

VIN codes on all motor vehicles sold in North America may be deciphered as follows using this RG500 VIN code as an example: JS1HM31A2G2100951: 
JS1HM31A2G2100951 = JS1 HM31A 2 G 2 100951
JS1 : Japan Suzuki
HM31A: vehicle type
2: check digit
G: model year F=85,G=86,H=87,J=88 
2: plant code
100951: ID number

Earlier numbers, like 001 through 005 or so are usually destroyed, as they are "Production Prototypes"

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Fior Suzuki RG500

Thought I knew all the RG500 racers until I stumbled upon some pics of a very special one made by Claude Fior. It has the Hossack front fork, a trade mark of many Fior bikes.
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Fior RG500

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Red Bull Yamaha YZR500

King of slide, Gary McCoy on the Yamaha YZR500.
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Red Bull Yamaha YZR500

Monday, December 18, 2017

Central Classics Houten 2017

Kreidler 50cc racing engine, seen at the Central Classics a large motorcycle jumble in Houten the Netherlands.
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Central Classics Houten 2017

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ex Paul Hanson Barton Phoenix sidecar

Ex Paul Hanson 1980 Barton Phoenix 750cc Racing Sidecar Outfit

'During 1996 the Phoenix number 2 engine reappeared in the hands of Manchester sidecar racer Paul Hanson. Housed in a Derbyshire kneeler chassis the Phoenix was raced at a Forgotten Era meeting at Barkston Heath, after initially being outlawed on the grounds that it was too fast.' – Mick Walker & Rob Carrick, 'British Performance Two-strokes'.

This racing sidecar outfit was built in 1980 by its sole owner, Paul Hanson, utilising a new Barton Phoenix 750cc engine and a Derbyshire chassis. The Phoenix engines were produced in very small numbers, estimates varying between five and eight examples of the 750cc motor manufactured. Barton had been founded by engineers Barry Hart and Tony Ryan, and made its first impact on the racing scene with a three-cylinder water-cooled '500' based on the Suzuki GT380 bottom end. Ridden by Martin Sharpe, a Spondon-framed, Barton-engined 'Sparton' won the 1976 North West 200 with similarly-mounted Frank Kennedy in 2nd place, while the previous year Sharpe's bike had proved as fast as the works Kawasakis at the Isle of Man TT. The switch to a square-four engine came about after Barry Sheene asked Hart to convert an RG500 engine to 650cc, something the factory said could not be done. Hart nevertheless succeeded and used the knowledge gained to produce his own version of the Suzuki engine: the Barton Phoenix, initially as a '750' and later as a '500'. The Phoenix engine showed promise but the project never received the financial backing required to develop it, despite Hart's appeals to the patriotism of the motorcycling public and a deal with the Rank Organisation to provide machines for the 1978 film 'Silver Dream Racer' starring David Essex. Although it achieved little in solo form, the 750cc Phoenix engine enjoyed considerable success as a sidecar power unit in the hands of Nigel Rollason, whose first major success with it was a 2nd place finish in the 1979 Isle of Man TT. Rollason would go on to finish nine out of ten TTs with his Phoenix-powered outfit, eight of them on the leader board, the highlight being victory in the 1986 event. By then Barton Engineering had ceased to exist, having been purchased by Armstrong in 1981. Barry Hart moved to Armstrong as chief designer and would be responsible for its highly successful Rotax-based tandem-twin racers.

A well-known and respected sidecar competitor, Paul Hanson spent some time refining his outfit's engine and chassis, incorporating various developments such as Armstrong cylinders and an improved fuel supply system, a process that culminated in him winning the 1985 Formula 5 Championship with passenger Stuart Aspin. The outfit continued to be raced regularly until the late 1990s. Thereafter it was used only for occasional parades, the last outing being at the 'Festival of 1000 Bikes' at Mallory Park in 2010.
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Hanson Barton Phoenix

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Ex Noriyuki Haga Suzuki RG400

Ex Noryuki Haga RG400. This Suzuki RG 400 is the Asian version of the RG 500 Gamma. This model was sold in Japan and only a few arrived in Europe. The 1988 RG 400 is the last 4 cylinder two-stroke with rotary distribution produced by Suzuki and equipped with a reinforced gearbox (1987/88). The here presented model is entirely original (unlike the RG 500, the RG400 was factory delivered without the lower fairing). The bike has run 18.746 km from new. This bike has a particular history which is of high value for a collector. It was bought by the famous Japanese World Championship rider, Noriyuki Haga, who had a residence in Italy. Haga imported the bike to Italy.
Year: 1988
Frame N.: HK31A-108374
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Ex Noriyuki Haga RG400

This bike was sold by
Classic Motorbike Collection